SMART VET aims at equipping VET teachers, trainers and mentors in:

Learning innovative mentoring and fostering techniques, based on non-formal education to tackle some of the challenges offered by the remote-learning situation
Learning how use digital, interactive materials and tools to offer more engaging learning possibility to (ex) VET students 
Learning how to foster (ex) VET students’ soft skills via mentoring while on remote learning situations.

During the project, the partners will explore new options for innovative, digital pedagogical approaches such as simulators and new form of mentoring to allow VET systems to take advantage of new technical solutions and increase their ability to make sure that VET programmes are providing opportunities for learning foundational skills such as digital, basic and socio-emotional skills. SMART-VET will directly support “apprentices who are forced to take breaks in training in the workplace or are unable to work due to COVID-19 related prevention measures or illness” as allowed by the UK Department for Education, 2020”. 

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