6 partners from 5 countries involved in the SMART VET consortium represent a wide range of European diversity, as they are situated in different areas of Europe (UK IT CY GR RU TR). They represent different organizations and socio-economical contexts (towns of different sizes, economical environment, and culture) and most of all have different expertise, stakeholders, and audience with different backgrounds and needs.

The Consortium was assembled based also on the need of ensuring a comprehensive representation of the different national contexts facing the challenge of VET students facing the labour market for the first time, and of the trainers in charge for preparing them.


RJ4ALL.UK is a user-led international aimed at empowering communities via education and social action projects. They are a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accrediting body meaning that we can certify with CPD status training programmes, face-to-face and e-courses, used to work at the international level to carrying out educational projects and information campaigns. The expert staff will help the consortium in building bridges between the different sectors involved in the project, to blend together the different elements coming from youth oriented services, training and competences development, offering its wide learning network between practitioners, researchers, policy makers and wider society.


FRAMEWORK is an Italian not-for profit association guided by 3 key principles: inclusion, empowerment and sustainability. Those elements are present in everything we do and are the key to ensure us we are offering the right opportunities to pour targets and allow them to increase their skills and ability to participate in society. The mission of the association is promoting lifelong learning and professional development opportunities for all citizens in needs for wider and stronger employability skills, digital competences and in general better skills to achieve their professional and life plans. 


Promotes dialogue among local and regional authorities, schools, VET centres, foundations and other organizations. They will share their competence in entrepreneurship, skills development, to support the target groups in meet the challenges of society and thus contribute actively to the development of a European area of skills and qualifications.


An association providing initiative aimed at the social inclusion of unemployed young people fostering their motivation, personal and professional development. It cooperate and promote collaboration with and schools, labour offices and municipal authorities. They will support the consortium in the training and coaching system, necessary to ensure the partners’ trainers will gain the competences and experience they need to implement and then deploy the project’s results. 


The EU Activities Centre (EUAC) is a lead non-governmental organisation in Turkey, founded on October 6, 2004, to contribute to the preparation for the accession of Turkey to the EU through training, conducting research, panels, symposiums, seminars and structured meetings, with the aim of raising awareness about Turkey’s accession process, to help lifting prejudices and to promote lobbying activities. Representatives of various sectors, EU experts, as well as University professors support the operations of the association.

In addition, the EU Activities Centre aims to promote the dialogue between Turkey, the other candidates, potential candidates and EU member countries. To this end, the Centre organizes joint activities with other organisations and stakeholders from other candidate countries and member states. With its experienced staff on various EU policies and project preparation, another important objective of the EU Center is to transmit this experience to potential Turkish experts through training and internships and to disseminate information regarding the EU policies.


With over 20 years of combined experience in research and education, RESET develops constructive and education-centered solutions to the most demanding societal challenges of our time. RESET invests on the creation, evolution, and revolution of social-driven concepts, systems and practices which prioritize humanity. Our organization accelerates and amplifies positive local, national, regional and global change through the power of research and education.

We aim for social development by promoting peace and justice, diversity and tolerance, and integration as well as reintegration. The purpose of RESET is to promote a fair and peaceful world through education, restorative dialogue, skill development among professionals and vulnerable groups, and constructive action. RESET is working in close cooperation with governments, local municipalities, NGOs, commercial entities, and educational institutions in order to address market, social, economic and cultural challenges.

RESET belief, is that the three pillars of our work, Research & Education, Restorative Dialogue Workshops and Training can lead to creative solutions that impact significant change to the social fabric of every society.

RESET team is composed of experienced, fully equipped researchers, trainers, educators, project managers, web developers & graphic designers. The areas of expertise are in the fields of youth, VET, training, migrant integration, community-led initiatives, education/e-learning, social innovation, project management, restorative dialogue, prevention of radicalization, drug education, social and creative empowerment, and conflict resolution.

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